About Social Enterprise Assist

We exist to help Sport for Social Change organizations improve their financial sustainability and increase their impact through Social Enterprise.

By generating their own funds, charities and development organizations have greater flexibility to plan, deliver and achieve their outcomes. These funding mechanisms can compliment grants, donations and other income streams as part of a balanced and diverse funding strategy. There are various definitions for Social Enterprise. For us, it is any profit-making activity undertaken to generate income that is wholly reinvested in social development. Often the enterprises have additional social benefit, as well as providing training and employment opportunities for participants.

The scope and potential for Social Enterprise is enormous! It can be anything from renting out a room or a pitch to running a complex venture such as a restaurant or a clothing brand. The underpinning principles are the same, and the Social Enterprise Assist tools have been created to support your organization through a structured and comprehensive process towards achieving greater sustainability and impact.

Developed with funding from Common Goal, Social Enterprise Assist is a Social Enterprise itself, with funds generated by the service reinvested in Sport for Social Change around the world!

Social Enterprise has transformed our organization, helping us to improve sustainability as well as providing structured pathways for young people to achieve sustainable livelihoods. There has been much to learn along the way, and Social Enterprise Assist will be an enormous help to any organization seeking to set up or enhance self generating income activities.

Hana Taiji, Country Director, Kick4Life.

The SEA Tools

The methodology and tools have been collaboratively designed by a team of leading Sport for Social Change organizations with many years of experience developing and running successful Social Enterprises across the world. Their collective knowledge has contributed to the following tools and services designed to provide tailored and intensive support to assist organizations towards achieving greater sustainability and impact.

Online Toolkit

The online toolkit includes ten steps towards setting up and running successful Social Enterprises, from organizational analysis and idea generation to business modelling, fundraising and implementation.

Remote Consulting

Once you’ve signed up as a Player to use the toolkit you’ll be assigned a Coach to support you every step of the way. Depending on your specific package, the Coach will provide a mix of online review and mentoring calls, unlocking each stage as you progress through the toolkit.

Onsite Consulting

This is an additional feature to the above, providing the Coach with the opportunity to gain an even more in-depth insight to your organization, working closely with your team to assess challenges and help you to identify enterprise opportunities.


We have designed a number of workshops to support groups of organizations at different stages of their development. Whether it’s a focus on idea generation or more advanced business modelling, we can adapt our content to suit different needs and plug-in to existing network events and conferences.

Through these tools and services we provide tailored and intensive support to assist organizations towards achieving greater sustainability and impact. To find out how we can assist your organisation, please get in touch.

News & Impact

Find out how we are helping organizations around the world to improve their sustainability and increase their impact.

Open Field Launches Equipment Rental Business

Common Goal Community member Open Field, which delivers a range of health & personal development programmes for disadvantaged young people in Cameroon, has launched a new equipment rental social enterprise. Open Field Rental Services will generate income to support the organisation’s Football for Good programmes, as well as providing job training opportunities for young people. […]

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RAFT – Survival 2 Sustainability

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused unprecedented challenges for organisation’s across the Sport for Development sector, with many facing extreme funding challenges and existential threats in the coming months.  In response to the crisis, Social Enterprise Assist, has created a new tool to help organisations survive, adapt, improvise and ultimately achieve improved sustainability through increased funding […]

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SEA conducts MYSA onsite consulting & Kenya-wide Workshop

The first Social Enterprise Assist (SEA) onsite consulting project for an established social enterprise and sport for good organization partnered Kick4Life from Lesotho with MYSA Kenya. There are many similarities between the social enterprise development journeys of Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA) and Kick4Life. Both MYSA and Kick4Life have been operating hospitality and sport-related social […]

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