RAFT – Survival 2 Sustainability

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused unprecedented challenges for organisation’s across the Sport for Development sector, with many facing extreme funding challenges and existential threats in the coming months. 

In response to the crisis, Social Enterprise Assist, has created a new tool to help organisations survive, adapt, improvise and ultimately achieve improved sustainability through increased funding diversity, including social enterprise development. 

RAFT covers four areas:

  • Reduce – identifying savings and developing a cost reduction plan
  • Adapt – supporting adaptation of existing programmes, communication with existing funders and identifying potential new areas of delivery
  • Fundraise – developing new fundraising approaches identifying new opportunities.
  • Trade – working towards social enterprise development or improvement to generate income through trading.

The current RAFT package includes

  • An initial support call to identify and talk through challenges and potential responses to the crisis. (September 2020) 
  • Follow up recommendations, development of a ‘Survival 2 Sustainability’ action plan and support with implementation over the next two months.
  • A second support call to review progress and look at further responses to the crisis to improve short-term and long-term sustainability. (November 2020) 
  • Follow-up recommendations, further development of action plan and support with implementation. (Up to end December 2020) 
  • Review to assess sustainability and impact of the RAFT intervention (October-November 2021). 

The support will be provided by a team of leading professionals from the Sport for Development sector. 

To express interest in accessing RAFT support please contact steve@kick4life.org